Human Capital Center
Human Capital Center

The Advisory services of the Centre for human capital in the following areas:


First: management consulting:

1. organizational development and institutional development.

2. restructuring and enterprise architecture.

3. lay the foundations and industrial management review.

4. lay the foundations of business management and audit institutions.

5. Management and development projects.

6. management of water resources projects.

7. Engineering administrative procedures and streamline procedures.

8. the development projects and industrial and agricultural development.

9. management of small and medium enterprises.

10. develop environmental management systems and review them.

II: consulting in the areas of human resource management:

1. development and human resources strategies.

2. human resources planning Human Resources Planning.

3. the development and formulation of human resources plans.

4. the development and formulation of strategies and plans for resettlement.

5. the employment programmes and interviews and selection according to the job description and functional competencies Competency based.

6. develop career plans and programmes.

7. lay the foundations and rules of leadership development plans and second row.

8. analysis and assessment of job classification.

9. salary and wage systems, benefits and incentives.

10. study and analysis and development of systems and techniques to manage and evaluate the performance of employees.

11. set up policies, plans and budgets for training and career development based on functional competencies.

12. systems and policies of training needs, training evaluation systems and measuring effectiveness and ROI.

13. preparing human resource management policies and regulations.

14. lay the foundations of a human resources strategic shift from conventional to strategic institutions.


Training and career development programs include:


• Management and leadership development.

• Human resources development.

• Financial and investment accounting.

• Marketing and sales.

• Procurement and stores.

• Media and public relations.

• Secretarial.

• Legal.

• Oil and petroleum.

• Engineering and maintenance.

• Civil engineering and architecture.

• The environment.

• Safety and security.

• Fire truck and fire fighting.

• Production.

• Computer and information technology.

• Insurance statistics.

• Training diplomas.

• Health care management.

• Aviation and aeronautics.