Human Capital Center
Human Capital Center

About us

Welcome to the official website of the Human Capital Center, the leading training and consulting center in Egypt and sister arab states.

In our belief in the importance of the human element and the emphasis on being the best investment in contemporary institutions, we have contributed to the establishment of this sophisticated center to meet the challenges faced by contemporary institutions and to help our clients reach the highest performance in their personal and professional lives through training courses, seminars, workshops and consultations.


  • Provide the appropriate training environment in a timely manner through the distinguished programs.
  •  Optimal use of modern technologies and harnessing them to achieve the objectives.
  • To prepare cadres that are more qualified than practical and scientific and in proportion to the actual reserves of the labor market.
  • Hold courses in various fields and according to need.
  • Providing opportunities to meet and exchange experiences between trainees and trainers in the Arab world.
  • Transfer of theoretical knowledge and scientific skills and exchange between individuals and institutions.
  • Organizing various training activities (courses, workshops,    seminars,conferences ...) in all fields of knowledge.
  • Directing special efforts towards the development of the use of computer skills by organizations and individuals.